Move Out

Move Out Procedures and Estimated Costs

Security Deposit Refund Policy

  1. If the lease is not fulfilled you must contact your property manager for associated cost for breaking the lease
  2. The Lasley Company must have a written 30 day notice to vacate signed and received by one of our representatives. (No verbal notices will be accepted)
  3. A forwarding address must be provided
  4. We will mail your security deposit refund (less lawful deductions) and an itemized accounting of any deductions no later than 60 days after surrender or abandonment of the premises. Please be sure to provide us with your forwarding address ASAP to expedite the delivery of your deposit refund.

Move-Out Procedures

  1. The move-out date cannot be changed unless both parties agree in writing.
  2. If your lease is not fulfilled and early move-out occurs, this will result in loss of deposit. Your account may be subject to additional fees such as Accelerated rent and or Reletting fees as described in your Lease Agreement.
  3. All residents must vacate the premises on or before the 30 day period ends.
  4. All keys and garage door openers must be returned to the office on or before your move out date. (Rent will continue to be charged until such time that these items are returned.)


  1. You must thoroughly clean the property, including carpets, bathrooms, appliances, yards, porches, garages/carports, storage rooms, etc.
  2. The Lasley Company may withhold any and all reasonable charges for cleaning, painting and repairs from damages caused from your neglect or abuse. This does include lawn service, if this is specified in your lease that this is the responsibility of the resident.
  3. Estimated cleaning and repair costs are listed below. These costs are subject to change and will be reflected on your final statement.

Menu of estimated costs for cleaning and repair


Full Clean
Touch-up Clean
Furniture removal
Full paint
Touch-up paint
$25 bag
$500 a Truckload
$1.00 per linear sq. ft.
$1.00 per linear sq. ft.
$150-$350 (varies according to sq. ft. and cleanliness)


Holes in walls
Replace broken or missing doors
Replace broken windows
Replace or repair screens
Replace or repair light fixtures
Replace or repair, dirty, broken or missing blinds
$50-$100 per patch
$50 per hour per repair
$300 per door
$100 per screen
$50-$125 per fixture
$20-$50 depending on size



Keys not returned
Remote no returned
$50 per lock
$150 per remote

Move-Out Inspection

You may request a move-out inspection with one of our representatives. Our Representative will walk the property with you. Our representatives have no authority to bind or limit the company regarding deductions for repairs, damages, or charges. The representative will simply note any issues they discover at the time of inspection. Charges will be assessed by the property manager after such time that estimated costs of repairs can be obtained. If you would like a move our inspection, please contact our office no later than one week prior to your requested inspection date. We will do our absolute best to accommodate your request; however, our staffs’ calendars fill up quickly, especially towards the end of the month. Inspection requests are on a first come, first served basis.